How do CBD Tincture Drops work?

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Cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years, but only in the last few decades has the medical community begun to understand its potential fully.

Much of the emerging science relates to new understandings of the human body's endocannabinoid system. Suffice it to say here that the endocannabinoid system is a natural part of the body that regulates and supports numerous biological functions, from sleep and alertness to heart rate and body temperature. The cannabinoids found exclusively in the cannabis plant can directly impact this wide-reaching system, creating many changes in the body that we've only begun to enumerate.

Later in this article, we'll discuss how cannabinoids can help you. But, first, consider a prevalent form of delivering them into the body: CBD drops (tinctures). A better understanding of cannabinoid tinctures and how they will save you both time and money and help you choose the best CBD oil products for your specific needs.

What are CBD Tincture Drops?

Commonly referred to as "CBD Oil," a CBD tincture is cannabigerol (CBD) in liquid form. CBD extracts (isolate or distillate) are infused into medium-chain triglycerides (MCT oil) from coconuts, which serve as a carrier oil. Tinctures are ingested orally. Fill the syringe on your dropper to 1ml and squirt under your tongue. Hold under your tongue for 60-90 seconds before swallowing. 

How is it made? 

CBD is derived from young cannabis plants because they contain higher amounts of CBD than fully developed plants.

Some strains of cannabis, like White CBD, Super Glue CBD, and Jack Frost CBD, also have higher CBD content than other strains. These strains are specifically cultivated to produce higher quantities of CBD. Due to the difficulty of getting CBD, cannabis growers have been experimenting with cross-breeding and genetic manipulation to help cannabis plants produce more CBD.

How do the CBD Tincture Drops work?

Tinctures of CBD come in dropper bottles that make it easy to place the drops under your tongue. The dropper can also be used to measure out a dose in milligrams. As with other natural supplements, serving and ingredient information is required on all CBD tinctures.

Finding the correct dose to achieve the results you're looking for is often a matter of trial and error. Thankfully, this is usually a relatively fast and safe process with tinctures because they absorb quickly. Therefore, one need only begin with a small amount and then take additional doses every 20-30 minutes until the desired effect is obtained.

Once that dosage is found, stick with it. Make sure to track your dosages in milligrams. Different factors can impact how many drops are needed depending on the product, so you want to be precise. Take into consideration:

- The concentration and purity of the product

- Body weight and level of health

- The severity of the condition being treated

- The natural level of sensitivity to cannabinoids

What are the benefits of CBD Tincture Drops?

Generally speaking, one can use CBD in various forms to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle and general state of wellness. Tinctures have their benefits, though. You can typically use CBD tinctures in any situation where you would use a cannabinoid oil, such as adding to a drink or mixing into a recipe. In addition, tinctures are highly concentrated forms of cannabinoid delivery, so one usually won't need large servings.

CBD Tinctures have some benefits over other methods of administering CBD. The benefits include: 

  1. Easy to carry and store
  2. Are odorless and tasteless (some come with flavors!)
  3. They are discrete and can be used nearly anywhere
  4. It can be mixed easily with food or drinks 
  5. Are fast absorbing and therefore fast acting
  6. Offer the combined benefits of CBD and CBD in one drop
  7. Has antibacterial properties
  8. Fights Cancer Cells: According to research, CBD has shown promise in blocking the receptors that cause cancer cell growth and inhibiting the growth of colorectal cancer cells

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